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FolkSoul Farm is creating a living, working visible model of sustainable and holistic living to inspire the youth of tomorrow


The world faces enormous ecological and environmental challenges today. Holistic education can play a vital role in the solution by inculcating environmental stewardship and intrinsic respect for nature. Unfortunately, most school curriculum today are not designed or staffed appropriately to achieve this, and are failing.

FolkSoul Farm's mission is to awaken and inspire each students’ innate potential by educating his or her mind, body and spirit through an immersive experiential outdoor farm-based curriculum with ecology and environmental stewardship woven into the program's foundation. FolkSoul Farm educates children for the whole of life, using the curriculum and educational principles of Waldorf Education. At FolkSoul Farm, we develop lifelong learners who give purpose to their lives and communities. Our programs foster reverence for nature and environmental stewardship, with the goals of awakening and inspiring students’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence and artistic expression, preparing them to bring relevant contributions to the world. At FolkSoul Farm, we enthusiastically work and serve in the world community as stewards of social renewal.

creating a visible model of sustainable & holistic healing

After successfully leasing a majestic organic farm for the past three years, FolkSoul Farm is excited to be in the process of purchasing our own land, enabling us to continue to expand our program's educational offerings. Keeping bees, milking goats, growing and providing biodynamic vegetables, fruits and herbs for the community through CSA’s and farmer’s markets are some of the ways the FolkSoul children will be creating a culture of abundance and sharing, setting a new precedent for the way we look at agriculture, commerce and education.

Your generous gift will help to fuel the expansion of our beautiful community. All donations will go towards supporting a broad range of school and farm operations including the purchase of our new farm.


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